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If you are experiencing any sickness or Covid-19 symptoms or have been asked to self-quarantine  we ask that you stay home.

Please stop at the stop sign and proceed slowly to the sign in area! No more than three people or immediate family allowed at sign in please wait in vehicles or keep your distance.

Please sign all appropriate paperwork these can be emailed.

Please make sure all waivers , parental and minors waivers are filled out properly with the date and child signature.

Everyone will need to sign the daily waive and pay in full.

If paying Cash please have the correct amount. Visa / MC and Debit are still available if required and has a fee.

Main Track $50

Mini Track $45

We will not be allowing anyone but family members in a group meaning DO NOT BRING YOUR FRIENDS CHILDREN! Parents must be present under the age of 18!

Only vehicles that have riders with them are welcome for the time being. If you are spectating only, you will not be allowed on the property.

No spectators - the stands are not to be used.

Proceed to park your vehicle

Park 20 feet apart from other vehicles You must stay at your vehicle when you are not riding.

Everyone must keep 6 feet apart from each other No more then 4 people per group (families with more than 4 members will be accepted)

Washroom will be available and cleaned hourly.  

We may have inspectors coming in and out of the facility to make sure we are following the rules.

You will be warned or charged if you get caught not following the social distancing rules that are set out by the provincial government.  

More restrictions will be applied once we open and see how things go.

We ask you to follow these guidelines closely to help stop the virus and make our facility a safe place to ride so that we can continue to have the track open. We have the right to revoke your riding privileges at any time.

Thank you everyone for your time and patience during this very odd time and we look forward to see you all this season.

Practice Application Parental Waiver Form Minor Waiver Form 4 WHEELS MOVES THE BODY, 2 WHEELS MOVES THE SOUL!